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Fast – Friendly – Discrete – Reliable

Real Weed Shop is one of the national and worldwide pioneers when it comes to providing medical cannabis patients with nothing but the best. It is now possible to purchase your medical cannabis online and have it delivered by mail, register online, then make the payment and have your weed mail delivered to your house! It is a safe option and the delivery is guaranteed to ship within 2-5 business days. The process of putting in the order is very simple and was designed to save time and effort.

You can buy your cannabis now, the online service is available 24/7. The process is very easy and everything is explained step by step. If you have any questions there is always a phone number and e-mail address provided. Our cannabis mailing service is in fact very discreet, stealth, safe  and innovative and best of all (Timely Delivery)

Cannabis Extracts – Rick simpson (cannabis oil)/phoenix tear – Our top grade oils are both of High and Low THC and CBD, of purity 99.9%, offering the best healing Medicine of all times. Cannabis Oil For Sale , Buy Marijuana Online

Marijuana Strains – Find a wide assortment of Indica, Sativa and hybrid strains each designed for certain ailments. Every medical cannabis strain offered for sale at cannameds undergoes rigorous quality testing. Buy Marijuana Online

Marijuana Edibles – If you can’t or prefer not to ingest your medical cannabis through “smoking,” choose from a wide variety of edibles. Not only can you get the medicine your body needs to heal, you can get a tasty treat too. Buy Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis Concentrates – Does your ailment require a more concentrated strain? Concentrates from Harborside provide higher doses of THC, cannabinoids and other compounds that help you alleviate symptoms and heal.


Only the finest quality Marijuana, Cannabis Oil, Cannabis Seeds, Pre-rolled Joints, properly extracted Hash Oil, Weed Wax, Weed Brownies. We employ sustainable growing, baking and extraction techniques to bring out the exceptional quality of our products.


Discrete packages which can’t be scent detected by canine (dogs) or electronic sniffers and stealth are delivered via DHL, UPS, USPS and Fedex. Your package will be sent to our ‘man on ground’ in your area for doorstep drops to ensure its contents remain undetectable.


Every time your order to buy weed online is $300 or more, your express shipping for the world’s best medical marijuana delivered directly to your door is FREE! Time to start buying weed online and have it delivered to you at no extra cost since we do free shipping world-wide.

Our Goals

There is nothing we focus on more on as a company than the quality of our products, customer happiness and the ease with which we allow our clients to access our services. If you ever have any suggestions on how we can improve, please feel free to let us know!

At Real Weed Shop, You Are Very Sure Of;

100% Product Quality
100% Customer Happines
100% Delivery Guarantee
100% Ease of Use
100% Best Customer Care


We don’t anticipate having a problem, but in the event that your mail order marijuana is lost or stolen, we will reship to you at no expense to yourself. We make sure every medical marijuana order will be delivered safely. We know how important your medical cannabis is.



Browse our online catalogue on Real Weed Shop to find the products you are interested in. Buy Marijuana Online


Add what you need to the cart and check out. Make sure you fill out the forms with valid details. e.g email address and phone number


Check your email address after a few minutes, follow the information to make payments. Email back when the payment is complete.


Your order is packaged and registered for shipping, a tracking number is also provided for your shipment. Order weed Online


We provide mail order marijuana  , marijuana chocolates , marijuana gummies, marijuana shatter, rick simpson cannabis oil, CBD oil and other THC/CBD edibles. We carry extracts, distillates and concentrates as well as an assortment of shatters, THC vapour pens, dabs and cannabis based topicals for delivery across the world ( USA, Europe, Asia and Australia) to allow weed lovers to buy marijuana online.
As such, we take precaution and are extremely proactive in securing our servers, databases and website. We ensure a 128 bit encrypted connection, confidential membership, reliable delivery and quality products.


Real Weed Shop isn’t just another “Online Marijuana Dispensary”.We are passionate about great products and the legal distribution of medicinal marijuana , marijuana moonrock, Weed edibles , Weed for Sale, marijuana edibles , buy weed online , We bring a level of professional commerce, responsibility and innovation into a sector that before very recently didn’t even exist. It’s very difficult to put a money back guarantee on consumables, but in our vision it exists. Mail Order Marijuana with delivered-to-your-door service is really just the same evolution of commerce that we have seen in every other facet of your everyday online life, with the highest available discretion and security.